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  • Updated: February 25, 2013
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This is my biggest project for TT yet! A full multi-zone ad manager for all your advertising needs! As of now, Ad Manager allows placement of ads on a Per-City, Per-Place-Category, Per-Event-Category, Per-Place, Per-Event or Per-Page basis. It supposts simple image ads, SWF/Flash ads, as well as the all-important embed codes (e.g.: Google ads). But that’s not all! It also includes an option to disable ads on featured listings! (Huge selling point anyone?) What could be better??

How about a special introductory offer? Until the next major release, Ad Manager is selling for $30! Version 2 will feature timed ad placement, click tracking, and even integration of certain third-party analytics! WOW! It’s an all-in-one marketing suite!

Check out the live demo at User: admin Pass: password

### Note From Marketplace admin ###

Products from this developer haven’t been updated in a while and minimum support level wasn’t recently provided, so the product have been place on hold.

If and when the developer will update the products and will make sure to follow up with buyers, the product may become available again.

Should you wish to contact Ghost1227 about it, use the support red button if you bought the product, or leave a comment down below if you didn’t.

We apologise for any inconveniences.

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90 Responses to GeoTheme Ad Manager

  1. Buyer
    stroudsco says:

    Let me know as soon as you have all the bells and whistles, might be worth adding impressions, how about pay per click :)


    • Verified Tailor
      Ghost1227 says:

      V2 should be out in a week or two, and will have quite a few new features… But, as the image indicates, the listed price is an introductory offer… get it while it’s still this cheap!

  2. Buyer
    skylordz says:

    This should have multiple conditions. for example if someone wants ads to run on a certain city and a certain category then also have an options to assign multiple images with multiple links that will display randomly or have a rotate ads widget that will rotate the ads per a second interval we assign. Ads could also be displayed on homepage.

    By the way I couldn’t see anything on the demo!

    • Verified Tailor
      Ghost1227 says:

      I’m working on multiple condition support for V2, as for multiple images that rotate…. you can already do that. You can create as many ads as you want for a given spot. A rotational widget with timing is an interesting idea, so I’ll add that to my todo list.

      Can you explain what you mean by you can’t see anything?

  3. Buyer
    bwharper78 says:

    Is it possible for users to purchase manage and pay for their ads online?

  4. Buyer
    schaffa says:

    I am using place-tags for categories, will it work with those?

  5. Buyer
    rcuster says:

    Hows the update coming? I purchased at the introductory rate but could really use the additional features. Thx

    • Verified Tailor
      Ghost1227 says:

      Thanks for the support and interest! Since I’m sure there are others with the same question, I guess I should let you all know what’s going on (and probably keep you more updated generally!).

      V2 of Ad Manager is coming along fairly well. Some of the anticipated features are done, some are still in development, but all in all it’s going better than I anticipated, so that’s a huge plus for you guys. It’s already got timed ad functionality (you can specify when ads show on a schedule, such that they can be pre-scheduled as well as expire at specific date/times), although I’ve got a few more tricks in store for that particular feature, I’m currently prototyping the click-tracking system (it’s not 100% functional yet, though I’d say it’s probably 60% there), and the groundwork is laid for analytics. As for other functionality… Well I can’t announce everything… it’d ruin the surprise!

      My goal is to release V2 on (or within a few days of) the beginning of the month. That means anyone who hasn’t gotten it only has about another week to buy it at the introductory price!

  6. Buyer
    boscol99 says:

    I was curious if these ads would be able to run on the side of Buddypress groups? I.E it would be awesome to have a buddypress group about surfing and surf shop ads will populate on the side. Please let me know if this functionality will be possible.


    • Verified Tailor
      Ghost1227 says:

      At the moment, no. I have literally no experience with BP, so not sure where to start. If someone would be willing to supply a sample site (ie, full theme and sample data for me to work from), I’d be more than happy to add support.

  7. Buyer
    marketangel says:

    I was only thinking the other day that a pluging like this for ads would be fantastic. It will allow me to take on lots of different advertisers! I’ll be having a closer look at this over the next few days.

  8. Buyer
    marketangel says:

    Actually, I’ve just had a quick look at the plugin.
    What is the image size the Ad Manager displays?

    Is it possible to display smaller images? ie, is it possible to have a zone which displays 4 x (125x125px) ads? The majority of ads on my current site are 125×125 but if needed I could consider changing to bigger ads.

    Thanks :)

    • Verified Tailor
      Ghost1227 says:

      There isn’t an ‘enforced’ size limit per se… It fits ads to the available width. As such, no at the moment there isn’t an easy way to do blocks of multiple ads (although it COULD be done through the embed code option). Interesting idea though… I’ll look into it further.

    • Buyer
      marketangel says:

      The ability to have even a set size of ad would be great. Then as a site owner I could specify what size ads my advertisers are to supply me with and not have to worry about them being stretched or shrunk to fit the space. I could also then specify a standard ad size, rather than the space available.

  9. Buyer
    infoseek says:

    when is ver 2 anticipated to be out ?

    many thanks

  10. Buyer
    infoseek says:

    i was just trying the demo out but for the life of me can’t figure out how to get an ad to show up properly – seems straight forward.

    • Verified Tailor
      Ghost1227 says:

      Create an ad zone if needed, add the ad to the appropriate zone, ad a widget which is set to the zone you want. Done.

  11. Buyer
    infoseek says:

    ok thanks – let me try that again -

  12. Buyer
    infoseek says:

    ok thanks – let me try that again -

    nope – cannot get anything to display on front page using widgets

    • Verified Tailor
      Ghost1227 says:

      Hmmm… I see your point, although the same ad displays fine on my live site. Seems the demo site is in need of a reset!

  13. Buyer
    infoseek says:

    thank you – let me know when i can try again

  14. Buyer
    marketangel says:

    Is it possible to set up ads on a Per-Region basis?

  15. Verified Tailor
    scamp says:

    Hi – I have brought and tried to use this plaugin. I have set the Zone, then created an Ad – set Zone and Conditions and Type for the Ad.

    But I cannot see where to set the image or the HTML for the ad. Is this meant to be set in the Manage Ad area or within the Widget?

    I tried to login into your demo but the username and password did not work.



    • Verified Tailor
      scamp says:

      Just seen what should happen on someone elses site – for some reason I do not get the options after selecting is city……

    • Verified Tailor
      scamp says:

      Your Commentso I can see that the jquery code below shoudl run…. just not sure why it is not…..

      jQuery(“select[name='gtad_condition']“).change(function() {
      if (jQuery(this).val() == “is_city”) {
      jQuery(“select[name='gtad_location'] option”).remove();

    • Verified Tailor
      Ghost1227 says:

      Demo is being reset… as for your issue, I’m not sure… it works on all my test sites, so most likely candidate seems to be a conflict with another plugin. can you email me the domain and an account i can login with?

    • Verified Tailor
      Ghost1227 says:

      Issue resolved

  16. Buyer
    marketangel says:

    Hi, just wondering if there is any further update as to when V2 will be released?

  17. Buyer
    webitopiasolutions says:

    I am having issues with the Ad Manager. I have included the issues below.

    a. In the admin panel I put the Ad Condition Is city its storing is_city but in the widget on the frontend its getting it as is_place instead of is_city (Strange)
    b. Widget doesn’t not work if I put it after some other widget
    c. Widget stop the loading of page if put after some other widget moreover if we have put the widget on some page and it can’t find any listing according to that page it simply stop the loading of the page.

    • Verified Tailor
      Ghost1227 says:

      Not sure what you mean with a… can you show me what you’re talking about? b and c, I did experience on one site, but I’ve been unable to duplicate it so I assumed it had to do with the another widget or the child theme in question being improperly coded. Can you tell me what other widgets you have in use?

    • Buyer
      webitopiasolutions says:

      I have a few plugins setup in the application.

      gt – voucher

      Do you have a user manual? Or i can provide you with login to view that it is setup correctly. Let me know which works for you.

  18. Buyer
    skylordz says:

    Why Can’t I see a demo of this

  19. Verified Tailor
    Ghost1227 says:

    The demo is currently offline. I’m working on writing a demo platform that will reset the system every few days to eliminate the issues I ran into with running an unlimited playground.

  20. Buyer
    boscol99 says:


    Sorry if I could have got this answer from the demo, but I was wondering if these ads will work with tags and keywords. i.e Best burger article will populate ads for the burger joints on the page. Or am I missing how this can already be done through the current system?


  21. Buyer
    overload says:

    Want to test and buy this but the demo login isn’t working? Can you update please? :)

  22. Buyer
    boldwater says:

    Having a similar issue to the one reported by webtopiasolutions

    WP 3.4.1 geotheme 3.1.0 using child theme 1.3.3 with latest admanager just downloaded, no other plugins active.

    1. created a zone, then a html ad set for is_city=us-florida and added some text to the html box.

    2 set the widget to the “places listing sidebar” and “front page sidebar,”

    when browsing the city the ad is set for, the widget does not show up on the home page and on the places listing sidebar, the page fails to render anything after it gets to the ad widget.

    please advise.

  23. Buyer
    rcuster says:

    What’s eta on the release of the new version?

  24. Buyer
    travisjohnson says:

    +1 on fixing the demo login. I need to purchase this asap but need to demo first.

    Also, +1 on an ETA on the new V2 release

  25. Buyer
    overload says:

    Another +1 on the above 2 comments – this would be so useful…..!!!

  26. Buyer
    skylordz says:

    and another +1 here

  27. Buyer
    dee syed says:

    The demo site username is incorrect. Has anyone actually seen the demo and know if this product is still available?

  28. Buyer
    rcuster says:

    What’s up Ghost? what’s happening with the release? I bought the introductory offer. and it still stands. Give us an update?

  29. Buyer
    dee syed says:

    @rcuster – what did you think of the initial release?

    • Buyer
      rcuster says:

      Dee Syed I’m not using it! The first version is missing to many essential features (for my needs). I bought it with the hopes that v2 release would be out soon but it keeps getting pushed back. V2 could work if it’s released with all that’s been mentioned.

  30. Verified Tailor
    Ghost1227 says:

    First of all, I’d like to apologize for my absence lately. I’ve been pretty much out of it for around the last month due to a health issue that’s had me in and out of the hospital constantly. I’m finally catching up on all I missed in the interim though, so I should be able to get back to real development shortly. To those who suggested V2 features, thanks! I’ll certainly look into incorporation of them for V2. For those with issues with the demo site, I expect to have the demo site back online by this weekend (hopefully tomorrow if I’m feeling well enough). To all… thanks for your patience, and I apologize once again for the wait!

  31. Buyer
    dee syed says:

    Thanks rcuster, I’d be very keen to get a plugin that delivers good ad management. Be nice if the GT team would come up with something in-house which can be relied on.

  32. Buyer
    macbodd says:

    Ghost, hope you are feeling better. Any timeframe on v2? I’m hesitant to even try v1 as I have a brand new installation of GT, LOoking forward to adding it in.

  33. Buyer
    leichte says:

    I may have missed it in here but does the Ad Manager automate the ad process for the advertiser? Can they purchase and upload the ad without any backend interaction? If not, is this planned for a release in the near future?

    Looking to purchase but wanted to clarify this first.


  34. Buyer
    kelligirl says:

    How about fixing the login so we can check the demo out!!

  35. Verified Tailor
    scamp says:


    I am using your plugin on my live site – I have had to add some code to gtad_widget.php it so I can have a default advert – as I do not want to add in lots of different criteria.

    However on a few of my Category pages your plugin broke my site – you were passing in an array object to the SQL in gtad_widget.php in this line

    $adsql = “select * from $gtad_db_table_name where gtad_condition = “is_place_category” and gtad_zone = “$gtad_zone” and gtad_location = “$catinfoObj” order by rand() limit 1″;
    $adinfo = $wpdb->get_row($adsql);

    I changed it to – as you store the slug for a category ad.:

    $myslug = $catinfoObj->slug;
    $adsql = “select * from $gtad_db_table_name where gtad_condition = “is_place_category” and gtad_zone = “$gtad_zone” and gtad_location = “$myslug” order by rand() limit 1″;
    $adinfo = $wpdb->get_row($adsql);

  36. Verified Tailor
    scamp says:

    Also you have a typo in: you had fales instead of false

    if(!$adinfo && $_SESSION['multi_city']) {
    if((($post_type != ‘event’) && $post_type != ‘place’) || (get_post_meta($post->ID,’is_featured’,false) || get_option(‘gtad_setting_featured’) == ‘false’)) {

  37. Buyer
    macbodd says:

    Are there any updates on those. I’d like to buy it but seems there are still problems with it as is. Any eta on the new version?

  38. Buyer
    getawaydigital says:

    Is this still being worked on and how long will next version be. Having an impossible time getting this to work and don’t want to waste any more time if a new version coming soon ?

  39. Buyer
    justmark says:

    I talked to the developer and this is still being actively worked on although Version 2 has been delayed.

  40. Buyer
    infoseek says:

    ive sent him several emails – no response

  41. Buyer
    sas67 says:

    Also awaiting news – looks promising.

  42. Buyer
    rcuster says:

    I sooooo wish I had waited to purchase this plugin but since I didn’t, I would appreciate a little fricken communication on the progress of this promising upgraded version. come on Ghost throw your customers a bone!!!! Several of us have been waiting for months, patiently I might add!!

  43. Buyer
    dennisrod says:

    Just bought the plugin but it does not work. No place to ad zones per directions.

    I am using Version 1.3.4
    Child Theme for GeoTheme V3

  44. Buyer
    kwhpublishingltd says:

    I have this plugin installed and I have notification of a new update available. Auto-update isn’t available for it, and when you click on the link for the details there’s no mention of an update.

  45. Buyer
    websitu says:

    Any chance of an update on the status of this plugin – there appears to be a few issues that haven’t yet been responded to.

    Thanks in advance

  46. Buyer
    websitu says:

    Is Ghost being true to his name – does anyone have a fully working bug free version of this plugin? Shame that there is no feed back from Ghost on the product.

  47. Buyer
    infoseek says:

    If i were you i’d call it a loss and move on. This whole project is a joke and support is non existent.

  48. Verified Tailor
    scamp says:

    I have been using oiopublisher for a while now – and it works well, got businesses buying ads.

    Most of the businesses who buy ads want all cities anyway – so no need for geotheme ad manager.

    You can see the ad purchase page on: just click a buy now to see the purchasing page.


    • Buyer
      websitu says:

      Just a heads up for anyone purchasing the oiopublisher that Scamp so nicely pointed us to. Do a quick coupon search before buying and save yourself a little bit of cash. You will be surprised at the price you can get it down to- Enjoy :-)

    • Buyer
      infoseek says:

      yes, got mine for 30 bucks. great product – unlike many in here.

  49. Buyer
    websitu says:

    Really appreciate the posts all :-)

    Scamp what a brilliant link very appreciated it will fit the bill perfectly and I am sure that others will find that useful to.

  50. Buyer
    infoseek says:

    did it work well out of the box or did you have to customize ?

    • Verified Tailor
      scamp says:

      I had to do a bit of styling (css) on some of the pages so that it fitted in with my theme – but it works well.

      I did not have to look at the domcumentation too much! The quick start guide explained it all. There are a lot of features and you can have ads in different sets – so for instance I have a 2 by 2 set of 125 x 125px ads on my home page side bar.. you can have this as a 2 by 3 or 2 by 4 set.. you define it.

      It gives you stats, and notifications.

      And best of all you can set default ads – e.g. google or affliate ads to display when you have not sold an ad space.

      I liked to be able to see the demo and the marketplace – which shows you other sites who use it.


  51. Buyer
    felo says:

    this plugin its finally updated and working ? cause the last update says December 12, 2012 but the author its still dissapeared for the support and feedback

  52. Buyer
    teckvo says:

    i love to purchase this plugin, because of the ads placement feature Per City etc.. However, it seem like everyone can’t get it to work yet.

  53. Buyer
    cmadrid says:

    I bought the ad manager for GEO THEME, installed it properly I have added new zones, and created new ads, followed the instructions and placed the widget ad manager everywhere and it does not do anything at all. Is it because I have the latest version of GEO THEME since I bought it on December 2012? It looks like the ad manager already comes included in the new GEO THEME, am I right?

    • Buyer
      Kelly says:

      I’ve had a play around with this too. I managed to get it working, but not good enough to actually use.

      I set up my Ad Zones as pages/areas (eg home page top sidebar, homepage middle content, add listing bottom sidebar etc), added the adverts with various conditions & placed the widgets accordingly. Firstly, I found I have to have at least one advert set to show ‘Everywhere’, otherwise my footer is broken (sides missing) when Ad Manager is in use. It seemed to work quite well, with the relevant adverts showing on the correct locations/conditions, but I did find that on random locations (I have around 139 Counties as “Cities”) the footer would be broken, so I decided it wasn’t worth using. Since it appears the plugin has been updated in December I may try again, but I’m not holding out hope.

      I believe the intention is for an ad manager to be included in GT eventually, but it isn’t currently a built in feature. Maybe in GT4? Perhaps that’s why this plugin has been abandoned? I’d have rather not wasted $30 on this though!

  54. Buyer
    cbolund says:

    When can I buy this Ad manager?
    hmm Out of stock :-)

    • Buyer
      websitu says:

      I would opt for the link that scamp provided, brilliant bit of kit. Takes a little work to integrate it but it is very flexible

  55. Buyer
    weelax says:

    Got an email from them today for the update. I wanted to use it but wonder about the support.

  56. Buyer
    marksj says:

    Is this plugin now officially dead ? Shame if it is because it is exactly what i have been hunting for

    • Verified Tailor
      Ghost1227 says:

      Actually, I just came back to the ThemeTailors family after being gone for two years. If there’s interest, I could be convinced to release an update or replacement for Ad Manager!

  57. Buyer
    justmark says:

    You may in fact want to look into adapting Ad Manager for Geo Directory as there is demand for this:

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