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  • Updated: February 25, 2013
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This widget adds a horizontal scrolling, extensively configurable, city-specific featured content widget to GeoTheme.

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30 Responses to GeoTheme Featured Widget

  1. Buyer
    chfranci says:

    I got everything installed however when settign this up it seems that the widget doesnt actually show my featured listings, it shows all my listings from a specific category, or am i doing something wrong with it?

  2. Buyer
    chfranci says:


    What is the chance that your plugin could be modified so that i could enter post id’s and utilize it as an advertising tool for my listings?

    Basically i need to find a plugin (with widget) that i can use to simply enter a list of post id’s and have it scroll through them in the header in place of the Map. I think it would make for a GREAT new mod and i would purchase.

    • Tailor
      cg says:

      That’s a GREAT IDEA! We could use it as advertising space for businesses….

    • Verified Tailor
      Ghost1227 says:

      As luck would have it… that’s VERY similar to one of two plugins i’m working on that should be released later this week or early next week.

  3. Buyer
    arivederchi says:

    Does this widget also give you the option to post Featured places in a list view format on the homepage? If not, do you know if something is available that would do that?


  4. Buyer
    infoseek says:

    Any news on the possible fix for category pictures not displaying in featured widget ?


    • Verified Tailor
      Ghost1227 says:

      I just finished my newest plugin (GT Ad Manager), and it should be released in the morning. Now that that’s done, I’m turning my attention back to this. Should have an update out within a day or two!

  5. Buyer
    tommyboy says:

    hi – i tried installing the plugin but get this error

    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the plugin…

    The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

    Plugin install failed.

    Please help

    • Verified Tailor
      Ghost1227 says:

      Please make sure that you are uploading JUST the plugin zip, not the whole download. The file you download from TT includes two directories, ‘Documentation’ and ‘WordPress’. The only thing you should be uploading is the zip file in the WordPress directory.

  6. Buyer
    infoseek says:

    i’m not getting your plugin to work on my site – does the listing have to be featured in the pricing structure ?

    see here:

    there are 3 sets of categories setup within the widget 30,58,62 all having about 17 listings and only one listing shows up ?

    what am i doing wrong ?

    i’m using version 1.9

  7. Buyer
    infoseek says:

    wasn’t the sub category picture not displaying issue fixed in your last version ? has coconut grove arts festival assigned a picture in categories

    please advise -


  8. Buyer
    specex says:

    Hi, I’m not yet get the latest version because i’m buying the GT Addon bundle. Is the version 2.0 able to filtered by different countries? Because I have a different events in different countries

  9. Buyer
    infoseek says:

    Hi Ghost does this version fix the pics not showing up on front end slider ? do you have a changelog ?

    many thanks

    • Verified Tailor
      Ghost1227 says:

      There’s a changelog which is included in the documentation. In my tests, yes… it does solve that issue. It will also respect the system zoom/scale/crop settings now.

  10. Buyer
    specex says:

    Hi, filter by country. I have few countries, e.g. USA, Australia,… When visitor select location as USA, only USA event to be shown, the Australia event will be filtered. thanks

  11. Buyer
    dennisrod says:

    Just downloaded and installed but the widget does not work. It activates correctly without any problems but does not appear in my widgets area.
    I am using
    Version 1.3.4
    Child Theme for GeoTheme V3

  12. Buyer
    infoseek says:

    is this working with latest GT version ?

  13. Buyer
    mertec says:

    Does this work with the latest version of GT? – Are you responding?

  14. Verified Tailor
    Ghost1227 says:

    I’ve spent the last few days testing all of my plugins with the newest version of GT, and as far as I can tell, this is working.

  15. Buyer
    infoseek says:

    the featured widget did not work with GT responsive – have you checked ?

    no scrolling

  16. Verified Tailor
    Ghost1227 says:

    My tests worked fine on a Samsung Stratosphere. Can you tell me what phone and operating system you are on, as well as the browser you are using?

  17. Buyer
    lurk says:

    Is there a working demo?

  18. Buyer
    Kelly says:

    This would be great if a bigger version could go in place of/below the Homepage Banner! I’d also be interested to see a working version. My site hasn’t launched yet, and I only have 4 featured listings, so nothing is scrolling – I assume the scroll will start with sufficient listings?

  19. Buyer
    londonrehearsal says:

    Asked for support about two weeks age, could you please get back to me?

  20. Buyer
    localbug says:

    Hi Will you be coming back to TT i really want to buy some of your stuff.

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