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  • Updated: February 25, 2013
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The GeoTheme Improved Latest Events Widget is extremely simple. In fact, if you’ve ever used the built-in Latest Events List View Widget, you’ve already used it! The Improved Widget simply adds geolocation and event expiration handling that hasn’t yet made it in the official release.

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15 Responses to GeoTheme Improved Latest Events

  1. Buyer
    larissaparks says:

    For which release of the Geo theme are you referring to? Thank you.

    • Verified Tailor
      Ghost1227 says:

      As of now, NO release of GeoTheme has this functionality. If/when it gets added, this plugin will be removed.

  2. Buyer
    timtaller says:


    any changes/bug fixes suggested by Mat (BRAATEN)?


  3. Buyer
    braaten says:

    Both features were integrated into a new release and work perfectly. Thank you!!


  4. Buyer
    maroon says:

    The Admin dashboard displayed the following alert:
    An update for GeoTheme Improved Events List View is available! You are running version 1.5, the latest is version 1.5.1!

    So I ran the update but got the following:
    The update process is starting. This process may take a while on some hosts, so please be patient.

    Updating Plugin GeoTheme Improved Events List View (1/1)
    An error occurred while updating GeoTheme Improved Events List View: The plugin is at the latest version..
    All updates have been completed.

  5. Verified Tailor
    Ghost1227 says:

    Please make sure that the file you downloaded is titled If not, please re-download it from the TT website. If it is 1.5.1 and you are still having issues, please email me your website and a login name at and i’ll take a look.

  6. Buyer
    mtchairs says:

    Is this available for the Grid View widget as well, or just List View?

  7. Buyer
    marketangel says:

    I’d love it in Grid view also. I just purchased this without really taking in it was just the list view :(

  8. Buyer
    stephen says:

    I purchased this plugin . But it’s not working , the outcome is terrible displayed .

  9. Buyer
    uforoboso says:

    I agree with Stephen.. the events are duplicated. The widget shows the OLDEST event, and it’s repeated (if you set to show 3 events, it shows the oldest, repeated 3 times).

    I bought the plugin as it promised (see the picture) to show UPCOMING events, but that option is not present. Also, it works ONLY in list view. Well, it’s NOT working actually.

    Don’t buy.. until it’s fixed.

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